people who always change their opinions to match with someone elses  


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"عید آمد و هر کس پی کار خویش است
می نازد اگر غنی و گر درویش است
من بی تو به حال خود نظر ها کردم
دیدم که هنوزم رمضان در پیش است"

Eid has arrived and everyone is taking care of their own work, 
Everyone is enjoying themselves, whether wealthy or a dervish,
I’ve looked at my state without you,
And I see that Ramadan is still ahead of me.   (via musaafer)

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Why is it called a building? Isn’t it done building? Shouldn’t it be called a built

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The smarter you are, the more men aren’t funny.

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"Growing up in Afghanistan, the biggest thing we craved as a female youth was independence and education- but instead we got death or marriage. Your generation has the education and independence they need to thrive, but their thirst for marriage makes them take it for granted. Never give men importance. Conquer your youth and stay true to becoming the woman you want to be- because you don’t need a man to do so."

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